We aim at top caliber seafarers, while in parallel we also seek professionals who wish to entrust their career to us for the long-term. The concept and principle of loyalty is of paramount importance to us. Accordingly, we focus on top level seafarers, who wish to advance their career with us and become an indispensable part of who we are. This is why we maintain one of the highest retention rates of more than 95%. StarOcean’s pool consists of more than 2,500 seafarers, with over 1,600 sailing on the vessels we man. Dedication, honesty, professionalism, are the core ingredients for the fulfillment of our goals, which are to safeguard the protection of the ship, all crew on-board, the cargo and of course the marine environment.

Our dedicated and specialized team on crew recruitment and scheduling ensures that the highest-skilled seafarers board our Principals’ vessels seamlessly, thus forming an ideal crew synthesis, which is able to fully abide with our Principals’ guidelines and vessels’ management. At the same time our team always maintains a close, personal relationship will all seafarers, so to safeguard that effective cooperation is always achieved.