The StarOcean pool consists of more than 3,500 competent and highly skilled seafarers, ranging from recent graduates to experienced maritime professionals. We provide career and development opportunities and employment for keen and dedicated professionals. We do believe that our people are our company’s biggest asset, and, thanks to their constant efforts working together as a team, in coordination with the team ashore we can boast of delivering expertise and reliable service to our Principals.

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Our recruitment procedures, range of training programs and inspiring work environment foster ample opportunities for development ensuring that our pool of seafarers not only deliver high performance on the job but are also kept motivated and enthusiastic about moving our company forward. We take pride in recruiting seafarers who are always ready and competent to respond to the growing demands of the shipping industry.

Our promise is to offer our personnel a fulfilling career and provide the necessary skills and qualities to help them grow and excel in a safe and secure environment.