Both training and development of our seafarers is an ongoing and top priority for us, in order tobe able to provide seafarers’ of the highest quality and meet the demanding technological challenges on board our Principals’ fleets. Prior to embarkation seafarers receive a detailed briefing from our specialized Training Team, focused on extensive technical, operational, crew-related, and safety and quality-related matters through in-house training sessions and CBT training.

We hold periodical seminars and forums for our seafarers, where a wide range of issues are presented from our Principals’ head-offices as well as from external experts of various marine fields. At the same time, onboard training sessions are being organized through the collaboration of our Principals’ technical and safety / quality teams.
Finally, StarOcean is cooperating with reputable and experienced external training centers in Manila in order to combine theoretical and most importantly practical, through simulation courses, training of our seafarers, on major areas where particular attention must be paid at all times while on board.