StarOcean Forum, March 28 & 29, 2017

StarOcean’s 2nd Crew Forum took place in Manila on 28th and 29th of March 2017. In total, approximately 100 officers attended, who showed a keen interest and participation throughout the Forum’s deliberations.
A wide array of speakers addressed our seafarers and made insightful presentations. From Starbulk SA, Operations Director Mr. C. Anagnostou, Technical Manager Mr. G. Mantalos, MSQ Manager Capt. Sp. Michalatos and Executive Vice-President – Crew Affairs Mrs. Angie Hartman. Presentations focused on important topics:
  • Starbulk’s crew developments and promotion initiatives.
  • Technical awareness and need for proper follow-up, maintenance, and preventive measures.
  • Operational and commercial issues and communication between vessel and office.
  • Near-miss reporting, through the proper implementation of an effective safety culture; bad practices on-board and practical means to avoid them.
  • Starbulk’s achievements, such as QualShip 21.
  • Social-media and need to protect the company and avoid abuse.
  • Importance of training, mentality and competence that our seafarers need to show. 
We were also honored by esteemed external speakers:
  • MARINA’s Executive Director, Capt. Diaz, on training’s vital importance for all seafarers and on STCW latest developments.
  • PANDIMAN’s President, Capt. Malpass, on POEA contract, rights and obligations and the need to avoid fabricated compensation claims.
  • DEL ROSARIO law office, on insurance, the need to be transparent on all health issues and treating PEME exams with sincerity.
  • YGEIA, on preventive issues for the most common health problems encountered in Philippino seafarers, i.e. hypertension and diabetes.
  • VALUCARE, on all aspects of the private insurance scheme which we are offering to officers and their dependents. 
All attending seafarers were provided with a certificate of attendance, a usb with Forum’s presentations and gifts. We now look forward to our next event.