StarOcean Manning Charts a New Course for Women at Sea!

STAROCEAN is making waves in the maritime industry with the deployment of its first-ever female cadets! Last September 2023, we broke barriers by opening recruitment to women, in full support of our principal’s strong commitment to equal opportunities.

These pioneering women are now setting sail aboard STAR BULK’s MV Gargantua. This deployment isn’t just about gaining valuable experience for cadets   D/C Cathlyn Malimban and E/C Cristine Roscain, it’s also setting a groundbreaking precedent for the inclusion of women in seafaring roles.

Under the expert guidance of Capt. Eric Aspa, these remarkable cadets are well-equipped and fully prepared to navigate the challenges and rewards of maritime career. Together with our principal’s initiative, STAROCEAN shall continue to pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive future of seafarers around the world.