StarOcean Treats Seafarers and Families to an Early Christmas Party

While Christmas Day may still be more than a month away, Star Ocean Manning Philippines Inc. treated their seafarers and families to an early Christmas celebration last November 21 at the Vikings Venue in the Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex in Pasay City. 
Aside from seafarers and families, guests also included Star Bulk executives, office staff, and other business partners, packing the famous buffet restaurant with more than 500 people joining the festivities. 
A festive opening for the evening party was provided by Vegas Manila dancers with their lively dance presentation. Guests were then formally welcomed by Ms. Vivian Novenario-Ongpin, President of StarOcean, thanking everyone for their presence and wishing them to enjoy the night ahead.  
This was followed by a special video presentation prepared by the Principals and StarOcean staff, showcasing their talents and conveying to guests their Christmas greetings.  
Adding meaning and significance to the occasion were the messages from executives of Star Bulk SA. Ms. Angie Hartmann, EVP for Crew Affairs, who greeted the guests especially the seafarers and their families, as she said that the occasion was being held because of them. She then extended the message of Petros Pappas, CEO and Director of Star Bulk SA, which was presented on screen.
In his message to seafarers, Mr. Pappas said, “Thank you for bringing your positive attitude to work every day. You are a valued team player, a part of the Star Bulk family. We will continue to support you in your pursuit towards self-development.”
Mr. Alex Tsitsonis, Crew Director, likewise expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the seafarers and families for their presence at the party as well as their hard work and dedication for the company.
He opened his speech by saying “Thank you for honoring us with your presence in our annual Christmas party.” Mr. Tsitsonis then proudly underlined Star Bulk’s continued growth and its productive partnership with Star Ocean and their Filipino seafarers.
“The company continues to show its commitment to the Filipino seafaring community as 90% of those seafarers are Filipino seafarers!” he further exclaimed. 
“In good and bad times, in calm or rough seas the company, all the seaboard personnel and the shore staff are in position to deal effectively with any situation making this company a ‘safe harbor’ for its employees and their families. This is what we all know to do well, and this is what we will continue to do,” Mr. Tsitsonis concluded in his speech.
Other highlights of the event were the sumptuous dinner buffet which the venue was famous for, exciting raffles prizes given to lucky winners, and Loyalty Service Awards bestowed to loyal and dedicated seafarers. 
Upon presenting the Loyalty Service Awards, Ms. Hartmann relayed Mr. Pappas’ personal message and once again shared his inspiring message: “We are so proud to have you as part of our family. We hope that you keep up the good work for many years to come.